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Scorched Earth

Strategy Scorched Earth 1

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Wendell Hicken
Wendell Hicken
Scorched Earth has you control a turret, artillery unit, or a tank. Basically a cannon that can be adjusted in angle, and power of its' shot. Your goal is to eliminate your enemy/enemies from the battlefield with the arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Your cannon will almost always be located on terrain, which can be destroyed, meaning you might also want to invest in some defensive gear, like parachutes. Players take turns, shooting at one another one by one. You can play against your friends locally, over a modem, or against computer controlled AI.

The game can be configured in numerous ways, allowing you to control the difficulty level by adding wind, additional dangers and natural phenomena (like lightning strikes or meteors that can damage players), and the intelligence.reactions of the computer-controlled players.

You are able to purchase a variety of weapons, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Use too large of a weapon for an enemy, and you might end up killing yourself! You could also choose a more strategic route and bury enemies (or yourself) under a layer of earth or rock, which will make it difficult for them to hit anything, or for you to hit them.

If you prefer a more defensive course of action, there are options to purchase shields (which can be easily burned down using napalm), the aforementioned parachutes, and an automatic defense system, which will allow you to throw up your shields before the action starts.

The game was initially released as shareware, and can be downloaded for free, while you are encouraged to pay whatever price you think it is worth on the author's website.

A copy of version 1.5 of the game (the latest version at the time of writing) is attached, in case the authors' website would somehow disappear.
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