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Sid Meier's Colonization

Strategy Sid Meier's Colonization 1

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The year is 1492, and the New World has just been discovered. Promises of untold riches and a wealth of new exciting goods like Sugar and Tobacco make sure that the major European countries with fleets rush to conquer the new continent.

The player can choose between 4 different European nationalities, each with their own perk:

* Dutch - Receive a bonus on trades with Europe, ensuring more stable prices and higher profits.
* English - Generates more crosses (which influences how fast new colonists show up on the European docks).
* French - The French get better relationships with native tribes.
* Spanish - Receive a combat bonus against native tribes, and a higher treasury yield.

Once the player finds his or her way to land and establishes a new colony, they can start assinging colonists to work the land, for instance by having them work as a fur trapper, farmer, ore miner, etc. The goods harvested can be used to make rum, feed the colony, or turned into metal.

Specialized colonists will net a higher yield. Specialists can be trained by the native tribes, trained in Europe, or show up on the docks due to European unrest. If an free citizen performs a task long enough, they also can become specialists. Finally, specialists can train regular colonists in schools.

All goods can be traded between the players' own colonies, with the indians, or sold in Europe.

As colonies grow, (elder) statesmen can start generating support for independence in the form of Liberty Bells. As more liberty bells are gathered, founding fathers will join the congressional congress. Each founding father brings unique bonuses to the player. As the amount of liberty bells grows, colonists will increasingly support a call to declare independence from their European rulers.

Doing so will result in ciontinental armies being dispatched to squash the rebels. If the player manages to defeat the continental armies (and typically other European powers and the Indians might send troops to assist in defeating the Tories), the player will have won the game.
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