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Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance

Adventure Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance 1

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Legend Entertainment
Legend Entertainment
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You have been hand-picked to investigate the powers of the mysterious Sorcerer's Appliance which you helped save in Spellcasting 101. There are rumours that apart from the 5 known attachments, there are 6 Even Greater Attachment which would allow its wielder of the appliance to have god-like powers. Unfortunately, though, these even greater attachments were lost in the areas surrounding the university.

At the same time, Ernie is hoping to be accepted into a new fraternity, "Hu Delta Phart", and will have to make his way through a week of hazing. Seeing one of the senior members of the frat doesn't like Ernie, your tasks will always be more difficult than any one else's. Your cunning wit, a range of spells that can be found all over campus, and the use of the Sorcerers Appliance will come to your rescue.

Unlike in SpellCasting 101, class attendance is more or less mandatory, and you are expected to be there (punctually), or you'll be visit by a nymph who reminds you. You'll learn alchemy, biology, music (including mastery of the Moodhorn instrument, on which you can do such marvellous things like vomping the plunger, tribbing or thrubbing the glupp keys, and frombulating the valve).

Attending the classes can be quite mundane, but luckily you will have time to explore as well. While you do so, you will find the game to be rather interactive, with interesting things happening everywhere. This is complimented by various other students attempting to full fill their tasks, thus often disrupting whatever is happening. Luckily, from Wednesday onwards, classes are cancelled, but you absolutely would need the information from the first two days to figure out how to solve the games' puzzles.
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