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    Adventure Timequest 1

    The year is 2090. Time travel is now no longer a dream, by means of time machines called Interkrons. However, in order not to distort reality, time travelers are expressly forbidden to go to the past, in order to prevent the current day from somehow being disrupted due to changes in earth's...
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    Adventure Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I 1

    You are an adventurer who has come to explore the Great Underground Empire (GUE), in an attempt to find all its mythical treasures. Vast riches and fame await you in the vast caves, but you might have to best mighty beasts in your attempt to obtain both. One of the earliest adventures ever...
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    Adventure Spellcasting 301: Spring Break 1

    Following the adventures of Spellcasting 201, Ernie and his fraternity Hu Delta Phart take a break from studying, and spend their spring break in the town of Fort Naughtytail, legendary for it's wild parties. As designated Carpet master, Ernie is responsible for getting the boys there on their...
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    Adventure Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance 1

    You have been hand-picked to investigate the powers of the mysterious Sorcerer's Appliance which you helped save in Spellcasting 101. There are rumours that apart from the 5 known attachments, there are 6 Even Greater Attachment which would allow its wielder of the appliance to have god-like...
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    Adventure Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls 1

    You take on the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a nerdy young man who has a crush on his neighbor Lola Tigerbelly. After your father passed away, your mother ended up dating a guy called Joey Rottenwood, who relentlessly beats you (and her) for the slightest issues. You are sick and tired of this, and...
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    Adventure Mean Streets 1

    Scientist Carl Linsky apparently committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His daughter Sylvia doesn't quite trust the official ruling of suicide, and has hired Private Investigator Tex Murphy to see whether or not there might be more to the story. Starting off with just a...
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    Adventure Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 1

    The year is 1936, and you find yourself in a sleazy bar in Ohio, of all places. Your very first action in the game is determining the sex of the players' character, by heading into either the male or female bathroom. Shortly after, you find yourself kidnapped on board of a spaceship. You...
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    Adventure Frederik Pohl's Gateway 1

    By the year 2077, Earth had become overcrowded, and almost depleted of any resources. Mankind took to Venus, hoping to be able to survive extinction by colonising other planets. As it turns out, mankind was not the first race to set foot on Venus. Intricate networks of tunnels crafted hundreds...
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    Adventure The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy 1

    Based on the famous book by Douglas Adams, this text adventure takes you on an intergalactic journey. The day starts as usual, with a hangover. However, very shortly after Arthur Dent will find out that it's anything but a regular day, as first his house and then his planet is demolished, and...
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    Adventure Wonderland 1

    Alice follows a white rabbit and before she knows it she is stuck in Wonderland, where the evil Queen made a habit out of chopping people's heads off! Help Alice find her way back home in this Text Adventure. One of the first games to boost different windows for different parts of the game...
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    Adventure Border Zone 1