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    Action Arkanoid 1

    The introduction of the game couldn't be shorter. It informs you that the mothership Arkanoid was destroyed by an enemy aircraft. The only survivor is spaceship Vaus, scrambling to make it to safety. However, Vaus is trapped in space by an unknown enemy. Arkanoid is a variant on the block...
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    Racing OutRun 1

    You drive a blazing fast Ferrari Testarossa around a lengthy track. Due to the car being a sports car, your vision of the horizon is rather limited, and at times you will only be able to see the road directly ahead of you. The track might turn, or go over hills, meaning that you can never be...
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    Adventure Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (EGA) 1

    Roger Wilco, a "chief sanitation engineer" (janitor) on board the Xenon research vessel Arcada was rudely disturbed from his nap by loud explosions. You emerge from the broom closet to find that the ship is under attack by the nasty Sariens. The crew of the Arcada was conducting experiments...
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    Adventure King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (EGA) 1

    The kingdom of Daventry is ruled by King Edward the Benevolent and his wife. Unfortunately, the king and queen remained childless. A sorcerer approached them and told them that he could ensure the queen to become pregnant if the king and queen would gift him their magic mirror that allows them...
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    Adventure Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 1

    The year is 1936, and you find yourself in a sleazy bar in Ohio, of all places. Your very first action in the game is determining the sex of the players' character, by heading into either the male or female bathroom. Shortly after, you find yourself kidnapped on board of a spaceship. You...
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    Platform Bubble Bobble 1

    Bubby and Bobby were two regular dudes, just enjoying life with their girlfriends. Along comes Baron Von Blubba and ruins the day by kidnapping the girls, and turning the two guys into bubble-spitting dragons; Bub and Bob. Bub and Bob will need to fight their way through 100 caves filled with...
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    Strategy Defender of the Crown 1

    The year is 1149. King Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) recently returned from the Third crusade. He granted wealth and lands to a number of knights who were crucial in his victories. Unfortunately, the king died shortly after. England is in need of a new ruler, as while rivaling factions...
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    Shooter Into The Eagle's Nest 1

    An English soldier was dropped deep into Germany's territory. His mission is to invade the Eagle's Nest, a set of castles, and liberate the captured allied soldiers therein. The castle is swarming with German troops, but there's also some help in the form of goods, valuables, and first aid...