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    Adventure Mixed-Up Mother Goose 1

    You're a child who has a dream in which you fly on a goose to a magical fairytale land. There, you meet Mother Goose, who explains that all her nursery rhymes are messed up. The characters all seem to be lacking something, and you will have to help them. Objects are randomly distributed around...
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    Shooter The Train: Escape To Normandy 1

    August 1944. Occupied France is soon to be liberated by the advancing Allies. The German grip on Europe is crumbling and an evacuation of men, materials and plunder is under way. The prize and pride of France, its entire art collection, is to be expropriated and shipped by rail to Berlin. The...
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    Adventure King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human 1

    You are Gwydion, a 17 year old boy who serves the evil wizard Manannan. You basically have been the wizards housekeeper for as long as you remember, and you have no clue who your real parents are. The wizard's house is on top of a mountain in the land of Llewdor. Unbeknown to Gwydion, the wizard...
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    Adventure Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge 1

    Following saving the world in Space Quest 1, your fame eventually waded, and you find yourself doing janitorial work again. You're part of the orbital station in orbit of your home planet, Xenon. Your boss calls for you to clean up a recently docked ship. However, as you enter the ship, you're...
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    Adventure Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA) 1

    You are Sonny Bonds, a veteran police officer of the Lytton police department. A quiet town usually, where your main task is to handle traffic. Recently, reports of drugs being sold are on the rise, and there's whispers a new dealer is muscling his way in. During your shift, you will encounter...
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    Adventure Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards (EGA) 1

    Larry Laffer is a 38 year old who still lives in his mothers' basement. Still a virgin, he vows to take a trip to the city of Lost Wages in order to find a woman who will love him, and help him lose his virginity. Starting out in front of Lefty's bar, with little more than his polyester suit...
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    Demo Maniac Mansion (EGA) 1

    The demo for the original Maniac Mansion game by LucasArts.
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    Simulation Wings of Fury 1

    IN 1944, the US Navy finds itself beset by the Japanese in the Pacific. You are a navy pilot attached to the USS Wasp. The Wasp has been heavily damaged, and is trying to reach safety, but is hindered by Axis forces on islands, as well as enemy ships and fighters. Flying a F6F, you are to engage...
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    Shooter Airborne Ranger 1

    After a long and physically demanding training, you are now a proud member of the Airborne Rangers, an elite unit of the Army. You will be dropped alone, deep into enemy territory and have to fullfill different missions, ranging from liberating POWs, destroying SAM sites, or taking enemy...
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    Adventure Border Zone 1

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    Shooter Operation Wolf 1

    You are special focres operative Roy Adams, and are tasked with heading into enemy territory in order to rescue a number of hostages. You start off invading an enemy camp in order to disrupt their communications, fighting off soldiers, helicopters and armored vehicles. Once succesful, the...
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    Simulation Sub Battle Simulator 1

    During World War 2, you are the captain of a submarine. You will be responsible for ensuring the survival of your crew, your submarine, and of course yourself, while attempting to fight enemy ships and planes. Featuring the ability to fight both underwater as well as at the surface, and the...
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    Adventure The Black Cauldron 1

    In this adventure, the player takes on the role of Taran, the assistant Pig-Keeper of Caer Dallben in the kingdom of Prydain. Shortly after the start of the game, Taran learns that his favourite pig Hen Wen is able to conjure visions. This information is also known to the evil Horned King, who...