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The Train: Escape To Normandy

Shooter The Train: Escape To Normandy 1

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Artech Digital Entertainment
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August 1944. Occupied France is soon to be liberated by the advancing Allies. The German grip on Europe is crumbling and an evacuation of men, materials and plunder is under way. The prize and pride of France, its entire art collection, is to be expropriated and shipped by rail to Berlin. The German hope is to hold the art treasure for ransom, in the now inevitable surrender negotiations.

You and other members of the French Underground Resistance Movement must first "take" the heavily guarded train in the main yards at Metz. If you manage to escape and make your way onto the main line then the real game begins. Casualties may be high. You must be prepared to engineer the train yourself, but you will have help.

The train is on a siding, heavily guarded. The steam pressure is up, ready to go awaiting orders to head east for Berlin at midnight. (Daylight runs were suicide at this point in the war). You must take possession of the train and head west to the border to meet up with the Allies by dawn. Your cargo - priceless Monets, Gaugins, Renoirs, Picassos, Miros - an unimaginable art treasure - is in your charge. Onboard the train, a Resistance crew will assist you in deciphering the whistles, signals, lights and signs necessary to make your way safely on the line.

While on the train you will be receiving help from the underground movement. They will provide you with information updates and signals and assist you in track switching and support. However, due to bombing and sabotage the usual safety systems and track circuits may be damaged or be unreliable. Be careful!

Bonne Chance!

If the game is too rapid, you can use CTRL+F11 to slow DOSBOX down.

Keyboard keys:
[F1] - Restart
[F3] - Sound on/off
[F7] - Pause game

[1] - Front gunner view
[2] - Rear gunner view
[3] - Engine cab view
[4] - Map

[Enter] - Fire
[Space] - Pause Game / Duck bullets

Cursor keys - Aim
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