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Airborne Ranger

Shooter Airborne Ranger 1

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After a long and physically demanding training, you are now a proud member of the Airborne Rangers, an elite unit of the Army. You will be dropped alone, deep into enemy territory and have to fullfill different missions, ranging from liberating POWs, destroying SAM sites, or taking enemy officers hostage.

Before every mission you will be able to determine the contents of up to three supply bags you will be able to drop over the enemy camp. These will help you by providing additional ammunition, grenades, and first aid kits.


Arrow keys or Keypad: Move
Space: Switch between walking and crawling
1: Call in your aircraft for pickup (do not use this until you completed your mission!)
F1: Carabine
F2: Grenade
F3: LAW missile
F4: Bayonet
5: Set time bomb to explode in 5 seconds
6: Set time bomb to explode in 10 seconds
7: Set time bomb to explode in 15 seconds
F9: Switch to map
F10: Sprint
Pause: Pause the game. Space resumes
Backspace: Use a first aid kit
-: Decrease game speed

There can be some difficulty when trying to use the proper control keys to switch weapons. One trick of dealing with this bug (which is caused by DOSBox reserving certain key combinations) is by hitting the right ALT key early on. From then on you ought to be able to use the regular keys.
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