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    Adventure Curse of Enchantia 1

    You get to play the role of Brad, a teenage boy who suddenly finds himself imprisoned in the land of Enchantia. As it turns out, you were summoned here by an evil witch who intends to put you to use in creating a spell that will ensure she will be forever young. You have to help Brad escape from...
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    Adventure Cobra Mission: Panic in Cobra City 1

    You are JR, a private eye from Florida who has been called to Cobra City by your lifelong friend Faythe. Her friend Donna has gone missing and she would appreciate your help in finding her. As it turns out, Cobra City is being overrun by thugs and thieves, and the police force is unable to stop...
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    Adventure Dark Seed 1

    You take on the role of Mike Dawson, an advertising executive who recently purchased a new house. The first night you spend the night there, you have a terrible nightmare and wake up with a splitting headache. As you start checking out your new place in more detail, you uncover clues as to what...
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    Adventure Amazon: Guardians of Eden 1

    Featuring amazing graphics and voice audio for the time, in Amazon, you take on the role of scientist Jason. Shortly after arriving to your office in the Allister Research Building, you receive word that your brother Allen disappeared in the jungles of the Amazon. Naturally, you set out to go...