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    Adventure Mean Streets 1

    Scientist Carl Linsky apparently committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His daughter Sylvia doesn't quite trust the official ruling of suicide, and has hired Private Investigator Tex Murphy to see whether or not there might be more to the story. Starting off with just a...
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    Shooter Crime Wave 1

    A Powerful crime syndicate has taken over large areas of the major cities, turning them into vast criminal wastelands. Arson, extortion, drug distribution, murder, and now... terrorist abduction! You have just learned that they have taken the president's daughter and are holding her and our...
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    Adventure Countdown 1

    Yoiu are Mason Powers, a CIA agent. You wake up in a Turkish mental asylum with no recollection of how you got there. As it turns out, you suffer from memory loss, and apparently are being charged with the murder of a superior officer. However, you have been deemed to be dangerous, and are...
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    Adventure Amazon: Guardians of Eden 1

    Featuring amazing graphics and voice audio for the time, in Amazon, you take on the role of scientist Jason. Shortly after arriving to your office in the Allister Research Building, you receive word that your brother Allen disappeared in the jungles of the Amazon. Naturally, you set out to go...