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Crime Wave

Shooter Crime Wave 1

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Access Software
A Powerful crime syndicate has taken over large areas of the major cities, turning them into vast criminal wastelands. Arson, extortion, drug distribution, murder, and now... terrorist abduction! You have just learned that they have taken the president's daughter and are holding her and our country hostage.

Your purpose: To wipe out this criminal organisation and rescue the president's daughter. Even with the most sophisticated assault technology available, it won't be easy. You are the only one that can save the country from this sinister infestation.

The game itself is a side-scrolling adventure, where enemies can come from both the left and right side of the screen. There are plenty of objects for you to pick up, including replenishing your energy, extra bullets, additional rockets, extra lives, as well as drugs and money you can confiscate from the syndicate.

At times you will have to deal with enemies shooting from windows, or wall-mounted turrets. These can be dealt with by moving all the way up, and then jumping and shooting.

Fire missile: Spacebar
Fire gun: E or R
Crouch: Tab
Jump: + or Enter
Pause/Unpause: P
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