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Access Software / The Code Monkeys
Access Software / U.S. Gold
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Scientist Carl Linsky apparently committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His daughter Sylvia doesn't quite trust the official ruling of suicide, and has hired Private Investigator Tex Murphy to see whether or not there might be more to the story.

Starting off with just a handful of locations and names of people to talk to, Tex hops in his hovercar and starts to slowly collect clues, names, and their locations (presented by a 4 digit location code).

Not all people you interview will know locations associated with names, but lickly you have a secretary (free) and an informant (who insists on getting paid) at your disposal who might be able to help you out with these.

Visiting some locations will not lead to anything, while others allow you to collect additional clues and/or objects. At times you will end up in bad neighbourhoods, and you'll have to fight your way through alleys infested with thugs. Some of the items you collect can be pawned for money, and you can collect even more onmey (and some ammo) by going bounty hunting.

Mean Streets was the first adventure ever to use 265 colours in VGA. Additionally, it included realistic sounds played over the internal PC speaker back by using Access Software's RealSound technology.

While both Steam and GOG have the game available for $5.99, the GOG offer also includes another Tex Murphy adventure: Martian Memorandum.
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