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    Shooter Alien Breed 1

    In the year 2191, the Interplanetary Corps is responsible for ensuring peace between various races from different planets in the galaxy. You are a solider working for the IPC, and on your way back to HQ, yuu are ordered to go check out a remote space station that the IPC has been unable to get a...
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    Platform Alien Rampage 1

    You are Krupok, which means "The one who rampages". You are an alien hired gun, and your ship was just shot down. You manage to land it near a jungle, but the ship will need repairs before you can continue your travels. The beings responsible for the attack on your ship are Untharian...
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    Platform Flashback: The Quest for Identity 2018-12-04

    The name is 2140, and your name is Conrad Hart. That's pretty much all you recall. For some reason, mutants chase you and shoot your bike down, causing you to crash on the planet Titan. You recover a holo cube you dropped during the landing, and find a message from you to yourself, telling you...