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Alien Rampage

Platform Alien Rampage 1

No permission to buy ($5.99)
Release Year
Softdisk Publishing
Inner Circle Creations
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You are Krupok, which means "The one who rampages". You are an alien hired gun, and your ship was just shot down. You manage to land it near a jungle, but the ship will need repairs before you can continue your travels.

The beings responsible for the attack on your ship are Untharian Scavengers that roam the planet. You are sure that they have parts in their possession that you can use to repair your ship, so you vow revenge on these beings.

You can enlist the help of Moorgs once you free them. They can follow you around, and when they kneel, you can use them to jump onto platforms that would otherwise be unreachable.

The game is a typical platformer, with hidden areas (look for visible holes in walls), and puzzles where you have to flip a switch to open a door that otherwise blocks your passage. It offers shops where you can upgrade your weapons, and intermediate savepoints.


ALT: Shoot
Cursor keys: Move
Down: Flip switch, Elevator control, or Activating a savepoint

Type "ram" anywhere while playing a level, and you will open the cheat menu.

Option 1, "Automatic healing" is like a GOD mode, where you cannot take any damage
Option 2 offers unlimited ammunition (and unlocks every ammo)
Option 3 provides you with all keys
Option 4 offers power ammunition
Option 5 lets you switch to any level of the game
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