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Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Platform Flashback: The Quest for Identity 2018-12-04

No permission to buy ($11.49)
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Delphine Software
U.S. Gold
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The name is 2140, and your name is Conrad Hart. That's pretty much all you recall. For some reason, mutants chase you and shoot your bike down, causing you to crash on the planet Titan. You recover a holo cube you dropped during the landing, and find a message from you to yourself, telling you to find a man called Ian in New Washington.

You have to fight your way through 8 different levels in order to figure out what happened to you, and why the mutants want you dead.

The game plays like a cinematic platformer, with intermediate cut scenes that further explain the story-line. The controls are quite quirky initially, and the game is rather unforgiving, making it a tough game to get started on. However, once you master the controls, the game is actually quite enjoyable.

Note that the game has been cracked. Start it using fb.com. When you are prompted for copy protection, simply press the + key from the numeric keyboard. That will enter the correct numbers for you. Press that key 6 times, followed by ENTER.

Passwords - Easy difficulty

Level 1 - JAGUAR
Level 2 - COMBEL
Level 3 - ANTIC
Level 4 - NOLAN
Level 5 - ARTHUR
Level 6 - SHIRYU
Level 7 - RENDER
Level 8 - BELUGA

Passwords - Normal difficulty

Level 1 - BANTHA
Level 2 - SHIVA
Level 3 - KASYYK
Level 4 - SARLAC
Level 5 - MAENOC
Level 6 - SULUST
Level 7 - NEPTUN
Level 8 - BELUGA

Passwords - Hard difficulty

Level 1 - TOHOLD
Level 2 - PICOLO
Level 3 - FUGU
Level 4 - CAPSUL
Level 5 - ZZZAP
Level 6 - MANIAC
Level 7 - NOWAY
Level 8 - BELUGA
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