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    Adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary 1

    Have you ever wanted to command a starship capable of interplanetary travels, visit alien worlds, and secure the future of mankind in space? You're in luck, as you take on the role of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise. You will have to complete a number of missions in order...
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    Platform Prehistorik 1

    Prehistorik the caveman needs to eat in order to survive, so off you go a-hunting. Hunting of course is done by bashing animals over the head with your big club, which is also very useful for bashing other things like obstacles, or even wise gurus floating in the air. You will encounter...
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    Strategy Battle Chess 1

    When regular chess is not fancy enough for you, how about having two pieces that clash, they duke it out. The capturing piece will always win, but the animations make for a nice little addition to an otherwise plain chess game. Some of the animations are pop-culture references (such as Indiana...
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    RPG Wasteland 1

    By 1998, distrust between the United States on one side, and the Soviet Union on the other side grew to an all-time high. The US had recently launched a space station called "Citadel Starstation", which the Soviets claimed was nothing but a military base in space. A number of neutral countries...
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    Platform The Lost Vikings 1

    Eric the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout have been abducted by alien commander Tomator. The alien commander intents to add the Vikings to his intergalactic zoo. Due to unforeseen circumstances, though, they ended up in the corridors of his spaceship, rather than the specimen room...
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    Adventure Cruise for a Corpse 1

    You take on the role of Raoul Dusentier, a detective who received an invitation to join a cruise on the yacht of business tycoon, and your good friend Niklos Karaboudjan. Shortly after you join the cruise, Niklos is murdered, and you are knocked unconscious shortly after. You will need to figure...