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Platform Prehistorik

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Titus Software, Interplay
Titus Software
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Prehistorik the caveman needs to eat in order to survive, so off you go a-hunting. Hunting of course is done by bashing animals over the head with your big club, which is also very useful for bashing other things like obstacles, or even wise gurus floating in the air.

You will encounter different enemies, each with their own unique abilities. The most common of these is a red dinosaur named Gubba-Glub. These are pretty dumb, and only need to be bashed twice to be rendered into food. Bear-like creatures (Balor, the brown bear and his cousin Bobor the polar bear) are cave-dwellers who need to be bashed three times.

Then there's a nasty fireball flinging fella called Pyro-Tax, as well as jumping sword-fish, coconut hurling monkeys, bats, spiders, and a bunch of others. The worst ones are an invincible snake hiding and always ready to lash out to you, or an invincible squirrel throwing nuts at you.

If you hit enemies enough, they'll be temporarily dazed, and hitting them once more at that stage will turn them into food. You can also enter caves which typically hide food as well. Not only will you have to fight enemies, but you also need to watch out for fires, which you can bypass by jumping over them, or rocks.

If you fail to avoid them, or end up running into an enemy, you will lose some energy. Lose it all, and you will lose a life. Can you make ti to the end of the level before time runs out, and gather enough resources?

Every level ends with a boss fight.
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