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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary 1

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Interplay Productions
Interplay Productions
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Have you ever wanted to command a starship capable of interplanetary travels, visit alien worlds, and secure the future of mankind in space?

You're in luck, as you take on the role of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise. You will have to complete a number of missions in order to succeed, and at tiomes fight off enemy ships in order to commence the missions. Once you finish a mission, star command will evaluate your performance.

The following missions are available, one after another.
  1. Demon World. A religious sect settled on the planet Pollux encountered demons while exploring the planet. You will have to help figure out the truth behind these reports.+
  2. Hijacked. The USS Masada failed to report. You and your crew are to investigate what happened.
  3. Love's Labour Jeopardized. Romulans attacked a research station, on which there is a biohazard situation. Kirk and the crew need to handle the situation to prevent the station from being lost.
  4. Another Fine Mess. The Enterprise is asked to help defend a ship against pirates. After chasing them away, you learn your nemesis Harry Mudd was their target.
  5. Feathered Serpent. Klingons are persuing a war criminal into Federation space. You agree to hunt this man down rather than risk a war.
  6. That Old Devil Moon. An asteroid is approaching the primitive world of Alpha Proxima, and Starfleet Command wants you to investigate increased activity on the planet.
  7. Vengeance. The USS Republic was attacked and almost destroyed. You and the crew are tasked to find out who did it, and to stop any future attacks.


C - Computer - Enters the searchable computer database.
D - Damage Control - Brings up the repair screen, allowing you to direct Scotty to which part of the ship to focus on.
E - Emergency power.
H - Hail - Communicate with anyone on the hailing frequency.
K - Kirks' commands - Allows you to check the log, save or load a game, and other settings.
N- Navigation - Brings up the planetary map.
O - Enter or exit orbit of a nearby planet.
S - Toggle shields on or off.
T - Talk to Spock in order to hear his opinion.
V - Switch to full-screen combat view.
~ = Reverse the ships
1-0 - Flying speed of the ship
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