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ocean software

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    Adventure Hook 1

    Peter Banning, a corporate lawyer, used to fly around as Peter Pan, fighting his arch nemesis, the evil Captain Hook. However, after growing up, the memory of Peter Pan slipped, and in present day, Banning has pretty much forgotten all about his adventurous past. Hook, however, has not, and has...
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    Action Jurassic Park 1

    Jurassic Park the game is based on the Steven Spielberg movie with the same name. For those who have not seen the movie (go see it!), a married couple of palaeontologists are invited to come see a preview of a private island on which a wealthy entrepreneur released a number of dinosaurs that...
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    Platform Elf 1

    Your girlfriend Elisa was kidnapped by the evil wizard, and you will have to go rescue her. Battle your ways through hostile levels, where almost everything wants to kill you one way or another. You can shoot enemies with your magic ring (use right-shift for that while playing), and collect...