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    Adventure Blue Force 1

    In 1984, two undercover cops enter a bar, shortly after a shady deal was made there. They get spotted by one of the criminals, who promptly flees. During the following chase, he manages to ditch the officers. A few days later, a burglar breaks into a house, and murders two adults in the process...
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    Adventure Rise of the Dragon 1

    The year is 2053. You are William "Blade" Hunter, a retired police officer now working as a Private Investigator. The major hies you to investigate the gruesome drug-induced death of his daughter. As you discover clues on her death, and trace your wsay back to her supplier, you uncover a plot...
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    Adventure Police Quest IV: Open Season 1

    You are Homicide detective John Carey of the Los Angeles Police Department. Your evening starts when you are called to the scene of a murder. When you arrive, you are shocked to find out the victim is your good friend and colleague Bob Hickman. Bob is found in the middle of gang turf, and you...
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    Adventure Police Quest III: The Kindred 1

    Sonny Bonds, the hero of Lytton, is back! Promoted to sergeant, and now married to his former highschool sweetheart Marie, life is good. Your arch nemesis Bains is dead, and peace and quiet has returned to Lytton. That is, until Marie is attacked in a parking lot, and ends up in a coma. You will...
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    Adventure Police Quest II: The Vengeance 1

    Taking place a few years after the story of Police Quest, Sonny Bonds has now moved full-time to the Homicide squad. As he arrives at wortk one day, he finds out that his nemesis Jessie Bains (aka The Death Angel) is appealing his jail sentence. Shortly after, he receives news that Bains, in...
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    Adventure Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA) 1

    You are Sonny Bonds, a veteran police officer of the Lytton police department. A quiet town usually, where your main task is to handle traffic. Recently, reports of drugs being sold are on the rise, and there's whispers a new dealer is muscling his way in. During your shift, you will encounter...
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    Simulation Hill Street Blues 1

    In Hill Street Blues, you take on the role of Captain Furillo, who has recently been relocated to Hill Street. You will be in charge of controlling crime in your city, which is populated by hundreds of residents, including some bad ones. Citizens will be busy leading their lives and it is your...