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Hill Street Blues

Simulation Hill Street Blues 1

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DigiTek Software
Krisalis Software
In Hill Street Blues, you take on the role of Captain Furillo, who has recently been relocated to Hill Street. You will be in charge of controlling crime in your city, which is populated by hundreds of residents, including some bad ones. Citizens will be busy leading their lives and it is your job to keep them safe, by ensuring there is a good police visibility, and your officers are able to solve crimes quickly.

Crimes will start occurring slowly at first. They will also be minor issues, like pick pocketing, but as time progresses, the rate of crimes will increase, as will the seriousness. You will have to assign officers to cases, handle the victims (call ambulances for the wounded, and a coroner for murder victims), and warn, or arrest suspects.

The longer a suspect is allowed to keep roaming the streets, the more and worse crimes he or she will start committing, so it is in everybody's best interest to deal with them as soon as possible.

The AI in the game is pretty dumb. I've witnessed paramedics getting stuck by walking in a square, meaning your streets will soon be dotted with victims, as the paramedic is still circling around. Likewise, traffic jams happen rather easily, and can end up really messing up your day when you try to rush to a crime.
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