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Sierra On-Line
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The year is 2053. You are William "Blade" Hunter, a retired police officer now working as a Private Investigator. The major hies you to investigate the gruesome drug-induced death of his daughter. As you discover clues on her death, and trace your wsay back to her supplier, you uncover a plot from the Chinese Mafia to flood the city with the drug MTZ, while attempting to enable the coming of the dragon Bahumet.

Rise of the Drago is primarily an adventure, but also contains a few Arcade scenes, that after a few failed attempts thankfully can be skipped. Some of them require extreme accuracy when jumping over a manhole, or moving under some pipes spouting poison.

There are aspects of the game where time pressure comes into play, and you can end up losing the game if you do not perform the required actions in time. Other parts of the game will not trigger until certain time, meaning the player might have to spend time waiting.

Tip: If you find yourself in a situation where you simply need to wait, inside Blade's appartment, turning the water on and off consumes a minute. By rapidly clicking the faucet, you can thus have time pass faster.
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