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    Adventure Manhunter 2: San Francisco 1

    Continuing where Manhunter: New York finished, you are still pursuing nasty individual Phil Cook in your stolen spacecraft. The chase leads to San Francisco, where your ship ends up clipping a building and crashing, allowing Phil to get away. As you stumble from the wreckage of the ship, you...
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    Adventure Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 1

    The year is 1936, and you find yourself in a sleazy bar in Ohio, of all places. Your very first action in the game is determining the sex of the players' character, by heading into either the male or female bathroom. Shortly after, you find yourself kidnapped on board of a spaceship. You...
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    Adventure Manhunter: New York 1

    New York, and presumably the world have been taken over by Orbs; vicious aliens resembling an eyeball, with two antennas. They forced humans to wear robes and cover their faces, and speaking has been forbidden, punishable by death. All humans have been fitted with tracking disks, but somehow the...