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    Sports Yie Ar Kung Fu 1

    In this Kung-Fu game, you take on the role of Lee, who nmeeds to fight a number of members of the triad in order to liberate the Pagoda and kingdom. You will be facing a number of different opponents, who wield different weapons, while your only offensive skills are limited to kicks and...
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    Sports Shufflepuck Cafe 1

    In Shufflepuck Cafe, you will be playing airhockey against 9 different opponents. The first player to make it to 15 points wins. Simple. Within the game, you can participate in a tournament and thus win the game, or you can practise against the different opponents in order to figure out their...
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    Sports Sharkey's 3D Pool 1

    In this pool game, you can compete in tournaments (Both 8-ball and 9-ball), compete against opponents for money, and perform trick shots (or set up your own). In total, there are 7 skill levels you can progress through. An actual game of pool is done on the table, and you are able to spin...
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    Sports Caveman Ugh-Lympics 1

    In the dawn of time, primitive cavemen roamed the earth along with some pretty gnarly creatures. Not that cavemen weren't pretty gnarly themselves. They weren't real smart - they were actually pretty stupid. They had no sense of fashion, mostly because there were no malls to shop at. And they...
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    Sports Ski or Die 1

    The game offers a total of 5 different mini-games for you to compete in: * Snowball blast - A snowball fight where you have to defend your fort from getting snowed under. * Downhill Blitz - Skate downhill as fast as you can, and perform tricks, if you can. * Aero Arials - Jump from a ramp and...
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    Sports Budokan: The Martial Spirit 1

    In Budokan, you start off as a martial arts apprentice. You enroll in the Tobiko-Ryo dojo, where you can practise in 4 different disciplines: * Kendo * Karate * Bo * Nunchaku Each discipline involves learning dozens of moves, and practising until you master them. When you feel ready, you can...