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    Action Arkanoid 1

    The introduction of the game couldn't be shorter. It informs you that the mothership Arkanoid was destroyed by an enemy aircraft. The only survivor is spaceship Vaus, scrambling to make it to safety. However, Vaus is trapped in space by an unknown enemy. Arkanoid is a variant on the block...
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    Action Volfied 1

    The spaceship Monotros has been on a long journey through space, but upon return to its home planet Volfied, it finds the planet overtaken by aliens. The resistance contacts the ship, and enlists the ship to help defeat the aliens. To defeat them, Monotros uses its laser cutter tool to box them...
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    Platform Bubble Bobble 1

    Bubby and Bobby were two regular dudes, just enjoying life with their girlfriends. Along comes Baron Von Blubba and ruins the day by kidnapping the girls, and turning the two guys into bubble-spitting dragons; Bub and Bob. Bub and Bob will need to fight their way through 100 caves filled with...
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    Shooter Operation Wolf 1

    You are special focres operative Roy Adams, and are tasked with heading into enemy territory in order to rescue a number of hostages. You start off invading an enemy camp in order to disrupt their communications, fighting off soldiers, helicopters and armored vehicles. Once succesful, the...