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Action Volfied 1

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The spaceship Monotros has been on a long journey through space, but upon return to its home planet Volfied, it finds the planet overtaken by aliens. The resistance contacts the ship, and enlists the ship to help defeat the aliens. To defeat them, Monotros uses its laser cutter tool to box them in their territory.

The spaceship starts off at the yellow edge of the playing field, and while on that edge, its protected from the enemies by means of a shield. Once the ship starts moving off the edge, the shield is not protecting the ship anymore, and being touched by enemies or projectiles they shoot will cost you a life. The shield will not hold forever, and will go away once its timer reaches zero, at which point you will be vulnerable to attacks regardless of where you are.

While you are slicing away at the field, the line connecting you to the edge will be red. If an enemy touches it, a projectile will move towards you. Get back to the edge to nullify the projectile and get shielded again. And territory you conquered in this fashion will be added to your safe space, and any enemies inside that area will die. The part of the screen the main enemy is in will always remain as enemy territory.

Once you own at least 80%, you will have defeated the main enemy and can move onto the next field. The more territory you conquer, the higher the bonus you will receive.

A typical strategy is to start drawing rectangles in order to slice the field into different sections. Once enemies move into these, you can then expand the rectangles (without completely moving to the edge and thus gaining the territory). The idea is to isolate the main boss as much as possible in order to maximise the amount of territory you take from the aliens. This is easiest when the boss is at its smallest.

You use your arrow keys to move, and hold down SPACE to leave the safety of the shield and start grabbing territory. "P" pauses the game

Volfied is based on QIX, but with updated graphics, a (tiny) backstory, and some additional changes to gameplay in the form of bonuses.
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