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the bitmap brothers

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    Platform Gods 1

    The citadel of the Gods has been claimed by 4 guardians. This, of course, is not what the Gods desire, so they offer to grant a single wish to anyone who can reclaim their citadel. The hero steps up, demanding to be granted a place amongst the gods. Begrudingly the Gods agree, but secretly they...
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    Shooter Xenon 2: Megablast 1

    The evil Xenites have hidden 5 bombs in different parts of history. You control your ship, Thje Megablaster, and will have to combat your way through waves of enemies in order to defeat the boss monster at each stage, thus diffusing the bombs. The game consists of 5 different levels, each of...
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    Shooter Xenon 1

    Captain Xod is in trouble, and you, Darrius, are the only one able to help him. You're the youngest graduate evr from the Panterran Ecole D'Espace, and have to help the Captain defend the fleet from the Xenites attack force. You'll have to navigate 4 different sectors in order to reach the...