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Shooter Xenon 1

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Release Year
Melbourne House
The Bitmap Brothers
Captain Xod is in trouble, and you, Darrius, are the only one able to help him. You're the youngest graduate evr from the Panterran Ecole D'Espace, and have to help the Captain defend the fleet from the Xenites attack force.

You'll have to navigate 4 different sectors in order to reach the captain, fighting boss enemies along the way at specific intervals. To reach them, you have to fight through the other enemies, alternating between the jet and the tank, depending on the type of enemy you face.

Some enemies drop power cells when they are killed, which can give you significant power-ups. The most common ones will provide fuel or power (increasing the range of your shots).

You have a limited amount of fuel, and every time you are hit or touch an enemy, more of your fuel depletes.


Q = Up
A = Down
O = Left
P = Right
Space = Fire
Z = switch between fighter or tank
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