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two guys from andromeda

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    Action Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight Of The Pullet 1

    A follow-up to Astro Chicken, this is Ms. Astro Chicken from Space Quest 4. In SQ4, the game can be found in the Arcade of the Galaxy Galleria Shopping Mall. Well, technically, it's in Space Quest X, but let's not get into that discussion. You have to guide Ms. Astro Chicken by avoiding...
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    Adventure Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco And The Time Rippers 1

    The story starts right after Space Quest 3 finishes. Roger is about to be arrested by the Time Police, but a time traveler from the future (who later turns out to be Roger's son) helps him escape by opening up a time rip that sends Roger to the future of Space Quest 12 - Vohaul's Revenge II...
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    Action Astro Chicken 1

    This is the Arcade game Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3. Essentially a clone of the ancient Lunar Landing game, the player will control a chicken dropping from the sky. Your goal is to land the chicken on the cushion marked with an "A". The chicken enters at random spots on the screen. By...
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    Adventure Space Quest III: The Pirates Of Pestulon 1

    Following the adventures of Roger in Space Quest 2, Roger's ship is floating through space, with him cryogenically frozen in a sleeping pod. The ship if picked up by a robot ship that salvages space junk. You will have to help Roger escape on a ship called the Aluminum Mallard (a clear wink at...
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    Adventure Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge 1

    Following saving the world in Space Quest 1, your fame eventually waded, and you find yourself doing janitorial work again. You're part of the orbital station in orbit of your home planet, Xenon. Your boss calls for you to clean up a recently docked ship. However, as you enter the ship, you're...
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    Adventure Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (EGA) 1

    Roger Wilco, a "chief sanitation engineer" (janitor) on board the Xenon research vessel Arcada was rudely disturbed from his nap by loud explosions. You emerge from the broom closet to find that the ship is under attack by the nasty Sariens. The crew of the Arcada was conducting experiments...