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Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight Of The Pullet

Action Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight Of The Pullet 1

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Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
A follow-up to Astro Chicken, this is Ms. Astro Chicken from Space Quest 4. In SQ4, the game can be found in the Arcade of the Galaxy Galleria Shopping Mall. Well, technically, it's in Space Quest X, but let's not get into that discussion.

You have to guide Ms. Astro Chicken by avoiding ground-based obstacles, flying foxes, dogs trying to bite you, and farmers trying to blast you with buckshot. Avoiding obstacles is pretty easy; you can simply fly over them. Avoiding the foxes can be done by either moving up or down so they cannot reach. Dogs can only jump so high, and both they and the farmers can be taken out by means of a well-aimed egg.

If you run out of eggs, watch out for corn fields where eating the corn can replenish your coleggtion (ho ho).


Left, Right, Up, or Down: ARROW KEYS
Drop an egg: ENTER or Right-Mouse button
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