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Antarctic Adventure

Action Antarctic Adventure 1

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Konami / Friends Software
Antarctic Adventure puts you in the shoes of penguin Penta, who for an undisclosed reason has to race across Antarctica, and reach a number of scientific stations before time runs out. Along the way, Penta has to avoid crevices in the ice, and holes in the ice. Some holes simply can be jumped over, where others will house sea lions which are harder to avoid.

While gliding across the ice, you can collect little flags, and fish jumping out of some of the holes, while running into any of the crevices, sea lions or holes will slow you down.

Once you reach the station, you'll be able to start the next section of the track. Once you went all around, the game simply will continue, but will be slightly harder.

The original game was released to MSX in 1983/1984. The attached version seems to be a simply port to PC made by a company/group called Friends Software. I'm not sure it existed in the original game,. but this version allows you to save your progress.
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