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    Action Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight Of The Pullet 1

    A follow-up to Astro Chicken, this is Ms. Astro Chicken from Space Quest 4. In SQ4, the game can be found in the Arcade of the Galaxy Galleria Shopping Mall. Well, technically, it's in Space Quest X, but let's not get into that discussion. You have to guide Ms. Astro Chicken by avoiding...
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    Action Antarctic Adventure 1

    Antarctic Adventure puts you in the shoes of penguin Penta, who for an undisclosed reason has to race across Antarctica, and reach a number of scientific stations before time runs out. Along the way, Penta has to avoid crevices in the ice, and holes in the ice. Some holes simply can be jumped...
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    Action The Last Ninja 1

    Unfortunately, the controls on the PC version are quite terrible. In order to pick up an item you need to position your hand exactly on the item, or picking it up will not work. Likewise, when you change direction, at times the character will remain facing the other way, making the whole...
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    Action Volfied 1

    The spaceship Monotros has been on a long journey through space, but upon return to its home planet Volfied, it finds the planet overtaken by aliens. The resistance contacts the ship, and enlists the ship to help defeat the aliens. To defeat them, Monotros uses its laser cutter tool to box them...
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    Action Home Alone 1

    Kevin's family went on Christmas vacation, but forgot one thing; Kevin! Kevin, meanwhile, has to defend the house from The Wet Bandits; two burglars who are hellbent on hurting him. In this game that closely follows the movie, you will start booby trapping the house with anything you can find...
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    Action Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf 1

    General Kibaba, a madman, grabs control in the Middle East. The president of the United States handpicks you to fly your Apache there, and help reduce the threat. You start off by picking your co-pilot. Depending on your choice, shooting or picking up POWs. Once you're ready, you fly off a...
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    Action Aaargh! 1

    The monsters are on the loose, heading out of their caves in the badlands and into the cities. They are coming to cause chaos, cry havoc and inflict terrible destruction, as they search for the Roc's eggs. The giant horned ogre and the hideous dragon are out to seek revenge on the humans who...
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    Action Golden Axe 1

    The Death Adder and his evil forces have invaded the land, immprisoned the king and his daughter and stolen the legendary Golden Axe. Only the three heroes of Yuria have the power to stop the ruthless tyrant and regain the throne. Tyris-Flare, a beautiful and...