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Cannon Fodder

Strategy Cannon Fodder 1

No permission to buy ($5.99)
Release Year
Virgin Interactive
Sensible Software
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From a growing line of recruits, you get to pick volunteers to go on missions for you. You control the squad by left-clicking where you want the squad to go, and right-clicking to shoot their guns at whatever you point at. Additionally, you can also throw grenades or shoot a bazooka by holding the right-mouse button, and then clicking the left mouse button.

The missions you have to finish range from killing all enemies, destroying buildings, rescuing hostages, destroying factories, kidnapping enemy leaders, and protecting or freeing civilians. They will take you through different types of scenery, too, ranging from jungle and arctic, to deserts and even an underground base.

Your soldiers initially move on foot, but later on you get a chance to hop into vehicles, ranging from jeeps and snow mobiles to tanks and choppas!
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