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    Simulation Theme Hospital 1

    You are a medical and management expert, and have been hired to develop a new hospital. Your goal is to run a tight operation, cure as many patients as possible, and, naturally, maximize profits. To do so, you'll have to decide how to layout your hospital in order to create the most efficient...
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    Action The Last Ninja 1

    Unfortunately, the controls on the PC version are quite terrible. In order to pick up an item you need to position your hand exactly on the item, or picking it up will not work. Likewise, when you change direction, at times the character will remain facing the other way, making the whole...
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    Puzzle D/Generation (EGA) 1

    In the year 2021, a company called Genoq has been manufacturing bio-weapons. Some of the weapons escaped and are on the loose in the corporate building. You're a courier who needs to deliver a package to one of the top researchers in the company. You land on the roof,, totally oblivious to the...
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    Action Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf 1

    General Kibaba, a madman, grabs control in the Middle East. The president of the United States handpicks you to fly your Apache there, and help reduce the threat. You start off by picking your co-pilot. Depending on your choice, shooting or picking up POWs. Once you're ready, you fly off a...
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    Adventure The Adventures of Robin Hood 1

    The game starts when a new Sheriff throws Robin out of his castle and claims it as his own. Of course you won't stand for it, but as things are, you are just on your own, and the local villagers are indifferent to you. By stealing from the rich and donating to the poor, you can build up your...
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    Strategy Cannon Fodder 1

    From a growing line of recruits, you get to pick volunteers to go on missions for you. You control the squad by left-clicking where you want the squad to go, and right-clicking to shoot their guns at whatever you point at. Additionally, you can also throw grenades or shoot a bazooka by holding...
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    Simulation Dinopark Tycoon 1

    Your bank just approved a 5,000 USD loan, and you are going to turn that money into a proft! You start off by buying a piece of land, adding a fence to it, and finding a dinosaur. Toss in a tourist guide, ensure the dino has food, set your ticket prices, and you're off to a good start...
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    Shooter Airborne Ranger 1

    After a long and physically demanding training, you are now a proud member of the Airborne Rangers, an elite unit of the Army. You will be dropped alone, deep into enemy territory and have to fullfill different missions, ranging from liberating POWs, destroying SAM sites, or taking enemy...