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Comanche: Maximum Overkill

Simulation Comanche: Maximum Overkill 2019-04-20

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NovaLogic, Inc.
NovaLogic, Inc.
Comanche Maximum Overkill puts you in the pilot seat of the experimental Boeing–Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche light attack helicopter. Plans for an actual Comanche were initially drawn up by the U.S. Army, but was never taken into mass production.

A shame, really, because as this game proves, flying one seems like a dream come true. Novalogic took great care to remove all the difficult parts of flying a chopper, so rather than having to think of all those little details, you can instead focus on the missions at hand, and blow shit up.

Comanche was the first game to feature a voxel-based engine, rather than the vector-based ones that were common back in those days. The result of that is hyper realistic graphics, and landscapes.

Flying the Comanche, you will often find yourself hugging the floors of canyons in order to not give yourself away, but while still being able to talk enemy units or choppers. Your missions will vary from clearing enemies from a specific area, to disrupting supply lines, blowing up fuel depots, or destroying camp sites. Your missions will range from taking place in the arctic, night-vision guided ones, or ones taking place in mountainous areas.

In your weapons arsenal are fire-and-forget Stinger missiles, Hellfire missiles, rockets, a cannon, and options to call in an artillery fire mission, or direct your wingman to engage a target.
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