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    Simulation Theme Hospital 1

    You are a medical and management expert, and have been hired to develop a new hospital. Your goal is to run a tight operation, cure as many patients as possible, and, naturally, maximize profits. To do so, you'll have to decide how to layout your hospital in order to create the most efficient...
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    Simulation Comanche: Maximum Overkill 2019-04-20

    Comanche Maximum Overkill puts you in the pilot seat of the experimental Boeing–Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche light attack helicopter. Plans for an actual Comanche were initially drawn up by the U.S. Army, but was never taken into mass production. A shame, really, because as this game proves, flying...
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    Simulation F-19 Stealth Fighter 1

    During the late 1980s, very little was known about the next generation of fighter jets developed for the US air force. Seeing the number 19 was skipped in the numbering system, and assuming it was a stealth plane, this simulator was developed. Ironically, on the very day the game was released...
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    Simulation Abrams Battle Tank 1

    The cream of the crop in the armoured arsenal of the army. Equipped with Sabot (anti-tank), HEAT( anti-material, or building), and AX (anti-helicopter) rounds, a .50 calibre machine gun, as well as smoke grenades to cloak yourself in the battle field. You will have to run a number of missions...
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    Simulation 688 Attack Sub 1

    You are captain of the very first nuclear powered submarine of the US Los Angeles-class (or, if you prefer, you can also command a USSR Alpha class nuclear attack submarine). The American submarine is more modern, and equipped with more different weapons. The soviet submarine overall is able to...
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    Simulation Jones in the Fast Lane 1

    At the start of the game, you will set your goals in terms of wealth, happiness, education and status, and then try and reach those goals. At the start, you won't have much choice, and you will start as a low-level burger flipper (unless you manage to get lucky), and simply work your way...
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    Simulation Hill Street Blues 1

    In Hill Street Blues, you take on the role of Captain Furillo, who has recently been relocated to Hill Street. You will be in charge of controlling crime in your city, which is populated by hundreds of residents, including some bad ones. Citizens will be busy leading their lives and it is your...
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    Simulation A-10 Tank Killer 1

    You're a highly trained pilot in charge of a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, also known by its' not so-flattering nickname Warthog. Aircraft enthusiasts might know it better as the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrt machine, after the massive gun the plane literally was designed around. In the game, you...
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    Simulation Sub Battle Simulator 1

    During World War 2, you are the captain of a submarine. You will be responsible for ensuring the survival of your crew, your submarine, and of course yourself, while attempting to fight enemy ships and planes. Featuring the ability to fight both underwater as well as at the surface, and the...