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Shooter Gauntlet 1

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Atari Games, U.S. Gold, MindScape
Atari Games, MindScape
The black clouds swirled over the heads f the chosen ones. Four had come this far, but only two could continue. The portal of their deadly challenge awaited. Foreboding screams rose up from the Gauntlet.

Morak the Evil One cackled in glee as he watched the intrepid warriors prepare to enter this most terrible Gauntlet. He knew they would never reach their goal. He knew they would never reach their goal. The Sacred Orb would remain forever imprisoned at the lowest level of the Gauntlet. Without the Sacred Orb, Morak knew the mortals that inhabited Rendar would be helpless against his evil magic. Morak had plundered the lands and hidden his booty in the Gauntlet. He garrisoned his henchmen in the Gauntlet to guard it. There were ghosts, grunts, demons, sorcerers, and even incarnations of death himself.

But could the Sacred Orb be in the Gauntlet? No mortal knew for sure. If nothing else, the warriors could retrieve the treasures of Rendar that Morak had plundered and stored in the Gauntlet. If only all four warriors could all continue, on this, the last leg f their quest. Alas, the portal only allowed passage of two mortals. The warriors need your help. Choose from among them the two that shall continue: Become Thor the warrior, Thyra the valkrie, Merlin the Wizard or Questor the elf.

The fate of Rendar is in your hands

In Gauntlet, you (and possibly a second player) will have to battle through 100 levels filled to the brim with enemies spouting from generators that will keep spewing new enemies until destroyed. In each level, you will have to have to find the exit (and a key to unlock the exit) , all along while death sucks life force from you, meaning you have limited time to escape the room.

You will have the ability to choose from 4 heroes. A warrior, who is slow, but able to inflict massive damage. The valkyrie has heavy armour, and thus is more resilient to damage. The wizard can fire powerful fireballs from his hands, but has poor armour, and is no good in close combat. Finally, the Elf is the fastest character, but has weak protection.

Note: In order to run the game in DosBox, you will have to edit the config file typically located at:

C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\DOSBox (where %user% is your username).

In there, you will find a .conf file (in my case, it's named: "dosbox-0.74.conf". In that file, locate the following line:


Change that to:


(The # turns the line behind it into a comment. The next line sets the game to run in EGA mode. When you are done playing Gauntlet and want to change it back, simply delete the second line, and remove the # from the first line).
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