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    Action Arkanoid 1

    The introduction of the game couldn't be shorter. It informs you that the mothership Arkanoid was destroyed by an enemy aircraft. The only survivor is spaceship Vaus, scrambling to make it to safety. However, Vaus is trapped in space by an unknown enemy. Arkanoid is a variant on the block...
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    Sports Yie Ar Kung Fu 1

    In this Kung-Fu game, you take on the role of Lee, who nmeeds to fight a number of members of the triad in order to liberate the Pagoda and kingdom. You will be facing a number of different opponents, who wield different weapons, while your only offensive skills are limited to kicks and...
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    Action Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight Of The Pullet 1

    A follow-up to Astro Chicken, this is Ms. Astro Chicken from Space Quest 4. In SQ4, the game can be found in the Arcade of the Galaxy Galleria Shopping Mall. Well, technically, it's in Space Quest X, but let's not get into that discussion. You have to guide Ms. Astro Chicken by avoiding...
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    Action Astro Chicken 1

    This is the Arcade game Astro Chicken from Space Quest 3. Essentially a clone of the ancient Lunar Landing game, the player will control a chicken dropping from the sky. Your goal is to land the chicken on the cushion marked with an "A". The chicken enters at random spots on the screen. By...
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    Shooter Gauntlet 1

    In Gauntlet, you (and possibly a second player) will have to battle through 100 levels filled to the brim with enemies spouting from generators that will keep spewing new enemies until destroyed. In each level, you will have to have to find the exit (and a key to unlock the exit) , all along...
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    Platform Bubble Bobble 1

    Bubby and Bobby were two regular dudes, just enjoying life with their girlfriends. Along comes Baron Von Blubba and ruins the day by kidnapping the girls, and turning the two guys into bubble-spitting dragons; Bub and Bob. Bub and Bob will need to fight their way through 100 caves filled with...
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    Platform Ugh! 1

    You take on the role of a caveman piloting a manually operated helicopter. You transport other cavemen from 1 platform to another, so essentially act as a cab driver. You have to manoeuvre carefully, though, as bumping into things (platforms, birds), or landing too hard will be the end of your...