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Home Alone

Action Home Alone 1

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Capstone Software
Manley & Associates
Kevin's family went on Christmas vacation, but forgot one thing; Kevin! Kevin, meanwhile, has to defend the house from The Wet Bandits; two burglars who are hellbent on hurting him. In this game that closely follows the movie, you will start booby trapping the house with anything you can find within the house.

During phase 1, you have 1 hour in-game time (which translates to roughly 5 minutes) to run through the place and place the traps at their intended locations. When you are close to an object you can set as a trap, it will start flashing indicating you can pick it up. When you pass by the spot it can be set, the cursor will change to indicate you can set the current object there.

Once the hour expires, phase 2 starts, in which the bandits make their way through the house. You can lure them through the house into your traps, while being careful not to step on them yourself, as that will cause the trap to be disarmed. When a burglar gets hit by a trap, though, they will be temporarily stopped in their tracks, while they recover. When a burglar gets hit by 10 traps, they will be permanently disabled. You can also shoot them with your BB gun, which will count as a trap-hit the first time, with subsequent hits slowing them down, thus saving you a few seconds from them.

You win the game by incapacitating both of them. If, on the other hand, they manage to get to you and catch you, you immediately lose.


Moving left or right - Arrow keys
Pick up object: F1
Cycle through objects in inventory: F2
Set trap: F3
Jump: 0 (numeric keyboard)
Start phase 2 early: N
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