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Jones in the Fast Lane

Simulation Jones in the Fast Lane 1

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Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line
At the start of the game, you will set your goals in terms of wealth, happiness, education and status, and then try and reach those goals. At the start, you won't have much choice, and you will start as a low-level burger flipper (unless you manage to get lucky), and simply work your way upwards.

Every "week" (turn) you get a certain amount of time, which can be spent moving from one place to the other or spending time working, studying or resting.

Money is acquired by working, accumulating interest from money sitting in a bank account, or as dividend from stocks. Money is spent on leisure, luxury goods, or education (which is really an investment, because it will allow you to move to higher-paying jobs). Happiness can be achieved through purchasing goods, or taking time off from work, or achieving other goals. Education is of course achieved by going to university and following courses. Finally, status is achieved through the location you live, goods you bought, or the position you hold (with manager being very desirable).

The game would be overly straightforward if that was all there was to it, so in order to introduce some randomisation, events will happen which can cause you severe setbacks. Additionally, you will experience an economic fluctuation, which will impact prices and wages.

You can either play solo, against up to 4 other players, or against the AI, in the form of Jones. Whoever reaches their goals first, wins.
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