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Leisure Suit Larry 2: Leisure Suit Larry goes Looking For Love (in several wrong places)

Adventure Leisure Suit Larry 2: Leisure Suit Larry goes Looking For Love (in several wrong places) 1

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The story starts with Larry moving Eve's grass. Eve, if you recall, was the name of the gorgeous babe Larry ended up sleeping with at the end of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. However, when Eve comes home, she doesn't recognize Larry at all, and tells him to get lost.

Larry finds himself homeless and alone in Los Angeles, lost, but still yearning for love. He often daydreams of finding the love of his life, and regrowing the hair that the years removed from his scalp. You will have to try and help Larry in his quest, all the while avoiding evil KGB agents who are after Larry in order to prevent secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Larry 2 is available on both GOG and Steam. We used the GOG link, where you get Larry 1-6 for USD 9.99. Steam also has a bundle, which includes Larry 1-7, and the crowdfunded Magna Cum Laude, but is priced at USD 23.73. Both additional games are available on GOG as well, priced at USD 5.99 each, making that offer just a bit cheaper. If you are just interested in buying a single game, that option is available on Steam.

Oh, and Larry 4 doesn't exist. Sierra went from 3 directly to 5, as a joke. Part 4 is thus jokingly refered to as "The missing floppies".
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