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Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls

Adventure Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls 1

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Legend Entertainment
Legend Entertainment
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You take on the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a nerdy young man who has a crush on his neighbor Lola Tigerbelly. After your father passed away, your mother ended up dating a guy called Joey Rottenwood, who relentlessly beats you (and her) for the slightest issues. You are sick and tired of this, and sent in a request for an application to Sorcerer's University, so you can get an education as a Sorcerer.

Once you escape Rottenwood's grasp, you find yourself in the university, where you can read daily newspapers, attend lectures, join sporting events, and party in the frat houses. However, the university is hit with disaster, and the powerful Sorcerer's Appliance is stolen, and many of the staff are dead, or missing.

You take it upon yourself to figure out what happened by travelling to numerous locations where you will have to resolve a number of puzzles, ranging from restoring lost souls from seemingly random objects or landscape features using a spell, tracing your way back through time, and escaping an endless horde of amazons who all want to enjoy your company.

The game features 2 specific modes; nice (default) and naughty. In the nice version, you woo women by helping them out with chores. In the naughty version, you get to use your other talents. The graphics of the game will also reflect the mode chosen.

Note that the price on both GOG and Steam is for the entire Spellcasting series (3 games in total).
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