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The Adventures Of Willy Beamish

Adventure The Adventures Of Willy Beamish 1

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Willy Beamish is a 9-year old boy. His last day in school ends miserably when his frog Horny causes the principal to lose his toupee, causing Willy to be sent to detention. Escaping that, he is finally free to enjoy his summer vacation. Or so he thought.

Rather than getting the big promotion he was hoping for, his dad was terminated from his job. This jeopardizes Willy's chance to compete in the Nintari competition, as the entry fee is quite steep. At the same time, the player learns that an evil rich lady intends to take over the entire town of Frumpton. To assist her with this scheme, she causes the plumbers to go on strike. This results in the town getting disgusting swamp water instead of clear drinking water.

Can you help Willy save his dad's career, the town, and eventually win the Nintari championship?

Along the way, you will have to ensure you stay on the good side of your parents, or risk getting sent off to Cadet School. You can stay in their favour by performing chores, and taking care of your little sister and dog. The chores also provide you with a way to make some money that youy'll need to purchase items for later use.
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