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    Simulation F14 Tomcat 1

    U.S. Navy carrier-based jet fighter pilots are a rare breed. Only a select few qualify, and only the best of these excel at modern, high-speed aerial combat. An F-14 TOMCAT pilot must be ready at any time to catapult from the deck of a pitching carrier in choppy seas and fly straight into a...
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    Racing Deathtrack 1

    In Deathtrack, you participate in a racing event that takes place on tracks all over the United States. The races are a combination of, well, racing, and brutal violence. See, while the race is all about coming in first, how you achieve that spot is up to you. You can either simply outrun your...
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    Simulation Abrams Battle Tank 1

    The cream of the crop in the armoured arsenal of the army. Equipped with Sabot (anti-tank), HEAT( anti-material, or building), and AX (anti-helicopter) rounds, a .50 calibre machine gun, as well as smoke grenades to cloak yourself in the battle field. You will have to run a number of missions...
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    Sports Caveman Ugh-Lympics 1

    In the dawn of time, primitive cavemen roamed the earth along with some pretty gnarly creatures. Not that cavemen weren't pretty gnarly themselves. They weren't real smart - they were actually pretty stupid. They had no sense of fashion, mostly because there were no malls to shop at. And they...
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    Puzzle The Incredible Machine 1

    The Incredible Machine is a game in which you have to figure out complex ways to achieve certain goals. The goals can range from popping balloons, to dropping a ball through a hoop, feeding a mouse, etc. Every level will contain a number of fixed objects, and present the player with...
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    Simulation A-10 Tank Killer 1

    You're a highly trained pilot in charge of a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, also known by its' not so-flattering nickname Warthog. Aircraft enthusiasts might know it better as the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrt machine, after the massive gun the plane literally was designed around. In the game, you...