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The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy

Adventure The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy 1

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Douglas Adams, Steve Meretzky
Based on the famous book by Douglas Adams, this text adventure takes you on an intergalactic journey.

The day starts as usual, with a hangover. However, very shortly after Arthur Dent will find out that it's anything but a regular day, as first his house and then his planet is demolished, and he finds out his best friend is actually an extraterrestrial space traveller.

Hitching a ride on board the ship of some Vogons, the aliens that just destroyed Earth in order to make room for an intergalactic highway, the adventure really takes off.

The game is quite brutal, so be sure to save often. It's easy to die by providing wrong commands, or simply taking too much time to make your way through the different environments, and puzzles at times can get complex (or plain bizarre). Scoring in this game is not the same as in other games, as only specific actions will get you points. Likewise, it is also possible to lose points by doing something so incredibly stupid the game decides you need to be punished.

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the game, the BBC launched an improved version of this very text adventure, with some additional graphics.
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