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Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego?

Puzzle Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego? 1

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Brøderbund Software, Inc.
Brøderbund Software, Inc.
Like its' predecessor "Where in the World is Carmen Daniego?", you are an investigator working for thge ACME Detective agency. Your job is to track thieves involved in the gang of infamous Carmen Sandiego through American history in order to recover the artefacts they stole. Using a device called the Chromoskimmer 450SL, you can travel to any of 45 different locations within the United States, and to any of 9 different time periods.

The agency will typically assign you a case, and allot a maximum amount of time for you to catch the thief. When you arrive at the location of the theft, you have the option to search for clues. You will have 3 different options, each of which will cost a certain amount of time:

* Ask Bystander takes 1 hour
* Consult Source takes 2 hours
* Listen in will cost 3 hours

Each of these options will yield a clue of which time and what area you should travel to to stay on the trail of the thief, and if you're lucky, you will also receive a mail with some additional data about the thief. This last bit is important, because you will need to obtain a warrant to arrest the real thief, and the clues are necessary to narrow down the potential suspects.

Once you determined you know the era and part of the US you need to hop to next, you travel there, and again, check for clues. If you are on the right tack, you will typically end up seeing one of the thieves' henchmen, and receive further clues.

When you have tracked the thief across 3 different locations/periods, you will need to have a warrant ready because you will end up knocking at the suspects' door, and without a warrant your case will be thrown out.

If you successfully apprehend the thief, you might get a shot at promotion. Put away enough thieves, and you get a shot at catching Carmen Sandiego herself!
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