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    Puzzle The 7th Guest 1

    Henry Stauf was a no-good petty criminal for the longest time. Moving from town to town, he survived as a pickpocket and thief. Then, one dreadful day, he murders a woman in order to steal her purse. This sets off a series of visions, which lead him to become a very succesful toymaker. His...
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    Puzzle The Island Of Dr Brain 1

    After becoming his assistant in The Castle of Dr Brain, the doctor calls you with a new task. Someone stole the plans to his new invention. Luckily, the doctor omitted a crucial step from the plans (a battery), and sends you to retrieve the battery from his secret island. Just like in the...
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    Puzzle Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego? 1

    Like its' predecessor "Where in the World is Carmen Daniego?", you are an investigator working for thge ACME Detective agency. Your job is to track thieves involved in the gang of infamous Carmen Sandiego through American history in order to recover the artefacts they stole. Using a device...
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    Puzzle Lemmings 1

    Lemmings became a classic pretty much as soon as it came out. Your goal as the player is to guide the lemmings to the portal at the end of every level. Every level, you will be able to assign different skills to lemmings, which will help them overcome the environment. For instance, you can...
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    Puzzle The Castle of Dr Brain 1

    Dr Brain is looking for an assistant, and you think you've got what it takes. In order to prove yourself, you have to work your way through several rooms in the castle, solving puzzles of different types as you make your way to Dr Brains office. The game has 3 difficulty settings, the easiest...
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    Puzzle The Incredible Machine 1

    The Incredible Machine is a game in which you have to figure out complex ways to achieve certain goals. The goals can range from popping balloons, to dropping a ball through a hoop, feeding a mouse, etc. Every level will contain a number of fixed objects, and present the player with...
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    Puzzle Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 1

    The first of the Carmen Sandiego games, the player takes on the role of an Interpol investigator charged with retrieving stolen antiquities and other objects. Starting off as a rookie, you will receive a mission to recover an object stolen by a criminal in Carmen Sandiegos gang. You have a week...
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    Puzzle Supaplex 1

    In Supaplex, you play the role of Murphy, who resembles a red version of Pacman. Murphy needs to find his way through 111 levels of hardware, and collect colourful ovals called Infotron. In order to finish each level, Murphy will have to collect a specific number of those. Sometimes all, but in...
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    Puzzle Antic 1

    AntiC is a cross between Othello and Life. The object is to change all the squares in the pattern to the same color using the fewest number of transformations. Anti-Chaos networks are formed from squares connected to each other by directional lines. Each square is one of 3 colors and sends...