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    Adventure Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars 1

    George Stobbart is vacationing in Europe, travelling around the continent. While he is enjoying a coffee in Paris, the café he is at is bombed by a guy wearing a clown suit. George decides to investigate what happened, and in the process uncovers a conspiracy leading back to the ancient order of...
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    Adventure Blue Force 1

    In 1984, two undercover cops enter a bar, shortly after a shady deal was made there. They get spotted by one of the criminals, who promptly flees. During the following chase, he manages to ditch the officers. A few days later, a burglar breaks into a house, and murders two adults in the process...
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    Adventure The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel 1

    Holmes is brought in by Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard when a young actress is brutally murdered. Lestrade is convinced the act was committed by the notorious Jack The Ripper, but after searching the body, Holmes isn't so sure. Together with his trusted assistant Watson, Holmes sets out...
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    Adventure Martian Memorandum 1

    Following his adventures in Mean Streets, Tex Murphy is now a Private Investigator in San Francisco in 2039. He is hired by the worlds' richest man, Marshall Alexander, to find out more about his daughter Alexis disappearing. Tex can investigate by checking locations and interviewing people...
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    Adventure The Dagger Of Amon Ra 1

    The year is 1926. Laura Bow, whom we first met in The Colonel's Bequest, recently graduated from university and moved to New York, where she managed to land a job. Starting as journalist at a big New York newspaper, she takes over a case about Egyptian artifacts that were stolen from the...
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    Adventure Rise of the Dragon 1

    The year is 2053. You are William "Blade" Hunter, a retired police officer now working as a Private Investigator. The major hies you to investigate the gruesome drug-induced death of his daughter. As you discover clues on her death, and trace your wsay back to her supplier, you uncover a plot...
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    Puzzle The 7th Guest 1

    Henry Stauf was a no-good petty criminal for the longest time. Moving from town to town, he survived as a pickpocket and thief. Then, one dreadful day, he murders a woman in order to steal her purse. This sets off a series of visions, which lead him to become a very succesful toymaker. His...
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    Adventure Mean Streets 1

    Scientist Carl Linsky apparently committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His daughter Sylvia doesn't quite trust the official ruling of suicide, and has hired Private Investigator Tex Murphy to see whether or not there might be more to the story. Starting off with just a...
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    Adventure The Colonel's Bequest - A Laura Bow mystery 1

    Ah, the roaring twenties. Laura Bow is a student at Tulaney university, and daughter to a private detective and a journalist. Her friend Lillian invites her to tag along to a family reunion at her uncle's mansion. At the reunion, the uncle, an old colonel, announces that his vast fortune will be...