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The 7th Guest

Puzzle The 7th Guest 1

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Virgin Interactive Entertainment
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Henry Stauf was a no-good petty criminal for the longest time. Moving from town to town, he survived as a pickpocket and thief. Then, one dreadful day, he murders a woman in order to steal her purse. This sets off a series of visions, which lead him to become a very succesful toymaker.

His visions tell him to create puzzles, and his toys are so popular that every child wants them. Then, one fateful day, children get sick and die. Stauf's visions direct him to build a mansion, and he does as instructed.

You wake up in the house, and see visions of a night long past. 6 guests have been invited to the house, each promised to have their dearest wish come through if they win the series of puzzles. However, there is a 7th Guest in the house; a boy who entered the house on a dare and desperately wants to get out. Little do the guests know that this 7th guest is who Stauf is really after.

As you explore the house, initially the locations and rooms you can visit are limited, but as you solve puzzles, or witness visions of the past events, more and more of the house becomes available to explore.

The puzzles vary from equally dividing a cake between 6 guests, to chess puzzles, word puzzles, or a memorization puzzle (Simon Says). While working on a puzzle, often your own character will provide subtle hints. Staug can also be heard dropping clues, or mocking the player. The house also contains a number of secret passages, allowing fast travel between different rooms.

Should you ever get stuck on a puzzle, the library contains a book (on the table) which will give you hints. Simply visit the library and click on the book to receive a hint. If you are still stuck, you can head back and get a second hint. If even that does not help, returning to the book a third time will simply solve the puzzle for you, although this will mean you do not get to see the visions that reveal some of the storyline from the past.

** Secret Passages**
1. The plant in Brian Dutton's room
2. The Billiars table in the Games room
3. The Fireplace in the Library
4. The sink in the bathroom

** Infection puzzle helper **
If you end up getting stuck on the Infection puzzle, there is an online AI that will let you mimic the AIs' moves, and help you win.

** Portrait puzzle helper **
The portrait puzzle has to be one of the most frustrating puzzles in the game. If you get stuck, here is an online tool that might help you solve the puzzle.

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