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688 Attack Sub

Simulation 688 Attack Sub 1

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Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
You are captain of the very first nuclear powered submarine of the US Los Angeles-class (or, if you prefer, you can also command a USSR Alpha class nuclear attack submarine). The American submarine is more modern, and equipped with more different weapons. The soviet submarine overall is able to manoeuvre faster.

Each side offers 10 missions in a cold-war scenario for you to solve, with every subsequent mission increasing in difficulty.

688 Attack Sub was one of the first games that offered multi-player capabilities, allowing the player to engage another player over a modem, or a direct null-modem cable.


Enter: Initiate command

TAB: Cycle through control groups
TAB + SHIFT: Cycle through control groups in reverse

F1: Help
ESC: Exit help

F2: Radio room
F3: Status penal
F4: Ship control (setting course, speed, depth, etc.)
F5: Periscope
F6: Navigation board (map)
F7: Weapon controls (Arming and loading torpedoes and other weapons)
F8: Sonar controls
F9: Conn
F10: BOSS key
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